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lookout logo white lgOur phones and tablets keep us moving through work and life, holding our most important information — email, documents, photos, credit card numbers, and more.

Lookout watches over all that, protecting your phones and tablets from malware, malicious apps, and infected websites, while at the same time guarding your privacy and protecting your personal information. And if you're a little prone to losing things, Lookout to the rescue. Lookout gives you a fighting chance of getting your lost or stolen phone back, whether it's in the couch cushions or lost after a night out.

Lookout is the mobile security company that keeps people and companies safe from both broad-based and targeted mobile threats. Lookout combines a real-time view of the world's mobile data with powerful machine intelligence to continuously identify, analyze, predict and eliminate every mobile threat.

Building on this unique capability, Lookout stops attacks before they can do damage and provides individuals and companies alike with the assurance they need to work freely in a connected world.

To date, a worldwide community of over 50 million individuals and the world's major mobile operators, including AT&T, EE, Deutsche Telekom, Sprint and T-Mobile, have chosen Lookout as their preferred mobile security solution. Headquartered in San Francisco, Lookout has offices in London and Tokyo.

Making the mobile world safer is an incredible technical challenge. There is no better reason to come to work in the morning than to solve thorny problems.

At Lookout, each of us has a direct impact on creating products that actually help people. Call us hackers for good, or a company that's redefining the market.

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